Design Information

  Resistant to chemicals – it can be cleaned using anti-bacterial cleaning products, bleach etc and can be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no residue is left inside. No cleaning product can soak into the material. Polypropylene is robust and durable; it doesn’t crack or shatter if dropped.
  Hygienic – as no chemical residue can be left it is easy to keep clean and any animal faeces/fluids etc can easily be cleaned and removed. It cannot be affected by mildew or mould maintaining a healthy environment for your reptiles. The internal surface is smooth so that nothing can remain and linger.
  Warm and retains heat well. Using heat mats/pads/strips or ceramic heaters is suitable with polypropylene.
  Ventilation is provided through the design of the doors as there is a small gap of approx 2mm. More ventilation vents can easily be added by us at fabrication, or by you once you have taken delivery of your vivarium by simply drilling small holes to your requirements.
  The material used is embossed on the outside as this is resistant to scratches and scuffs and provides a more visually pleasing appearance as well as having practical benefits. It is available in black and beige. Bases are also fabricated in the same embossed material.
Our vivariums are designed with a fully hot gas welded construction, both inside and out, and we use heat bends to reduce the number of welds needed.
  All the plastic components are cut using a CNC router rather than cut by hand, as this provides a smoother edge and also means that we can provide repeatable, exacting, quality on every vivarium we produce.
  Our standard doors are 6mm acrylic, rather than 4mm, as it is more durable. Acrylic is much lighter and has greater insulating properties than glass and is less likely to break. All acrylic door edges have a polished finish to there are no harsh edges.
  The doors are drop doors and open completely so the door drops to the front of the vivarium.
  The hinges that we use are strong and resistant to solvents, greases and oils, fixed with a stainless steel washer and domed nut which will not rust and won’t harbour germs. Available in chrome and black.
  The lock’s housing and wing are zinc die-cast. Available in chrome and black.
Ventilation – If you feel extra ventilation is required for your vivarium, we have 30mm or 50mm diameter vents available in both a black and chrome effect finish.